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DO IT RIGHT: Our team has 20 years of experience listening, educating consumers, and mastering the trade of roofing. That means the best solutions to roofing issues and highest-quality materials for your home. 

PRICE IT RIGHT: In 2021, roofers are hiking prices due to demand. We don’t need to overcharge to grow our business, and our estimates reflect that. We encourage you to shop around.

GIVE BACK: Reinvesting earnings into our community is part of our business. Through Ribbon Movement, we partner with twelve thoroughly-vetted, local charities to make this happen.



Accreditations & Ratings

We are proud to be a Shly Construction company and an Owens Corning Preferred Roofing Contractor.

Our work over the last twenty years is our living community portfolio.

Our Story: The American Dream

Ribbon Roofing: the quintessential American Dream story. Twenty years ago, Pavel Shlyahovsky, an immigrant from Ukraine, founded Shly Construction. He went to the Slavic church in Squirrel Hill, hired all his neighbors, and established Shly as a pillar of the Pittsburgh community.

As the company grew, Pavel created a branch dedicated to roofing. Though not only roofing; the priorities of Ribbon Roofing are 1) top-quality construction and 2) neighborliness. That means 1% of sales to local charity plus a new roof donated every year to a family in need. We’ve been given much. Now we’re honored to give back!

Why the Ribbon?

Ribbon Roofing is named for Ribbon Movement, a Shly Construction initiative whereby 1% of every roof sale goes to a local charity, as selected by the customer. Additionally, the Ribbon Movement Fund donates a new roof each year to a local family in need, and Ribbon Roofing contributes the installation.

Our Team

Favorite Partner Charity: Inspiring Minds

Passionate About: Aviation

Roof of Choice: Duration shingles in any color

Pavel Shlyahovsky


Favorite Partner Charity: Toys for Tots

Passionate About: Mountain biking

Roof of Choice: Berkshire shingles in Concord

Ivan Shulikov


Favorite Partner Charity: It’s About the Warrior

Passionate About: Golf

Roof of Choice: Metal roofing in Gallery Blue on a home with gray exterior

Patrick Cunningham


Favorite Partner Charity: 412 Thrive

Passionate About: Travel

Roof of Choice: Duration shingles in Driftwood

Jorge Elias

Repair Specialist

Favorite Partner Charity: Horses with Hope

Passionate About: My faith

Roof of Choice: Berkshire shingles in Canterbury Black

John Laboon

Sales Manager

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