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Ribbon Roofing is rated 5.0 out of 5 based on approximately 20 reviews from around the Web.
The great people that I dealt with really rounded out the total customer service experience.
Al Colussi
I ended up spending about 2 hours talking with Al from Ribbon Roofing, everything with him was no non-sense and he was very knowledgeable about roofing and explained everything in simple to understand terms as well as giving me a price that I thought was fair for the both of us.
Bob Moore
I'm glad I found a local reliable company to deal with.
howard schirra
They did a great job on my roof and cleaned up really well, they also vented my attic. They obviously know what they are doing.
sandra brown
The guy came right over the next day and worked on my chimney for a few hours and did a really first class job and saved me a ton of money.
Max Ruppermund
These people did a wonderful job, my house looks great and I have a 50 year warranty.
Tammy Whitten
When I came home from work the day of completion I couldn't believe my eyes, the way the new roof shingles were installed to interlock with the old ones, it was a really nice job well done, even my next door neighbor who didn't want a new roof was impressed.
tim harris
Great company! Excellent experience with their whole team! Will be recommending!
Anna Shlyahovsky
Amazing job, great price and professional crew. Highly recommend Ribbon for your roof needs.
Ivan Shulikov
Impressive business model. Pittsburgh is in need of more companies like this..in times like these.
Steven Harris

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