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As local Pittsburgh roofers, Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh understands that our community receives it’s fair share of rain, hail, sleet and snow. According to the National Weather Service, the city of Pittsburgh receives about 28 inches of snow annually, about the same amount as the national average. While white winters may be beautiful; snow, sleet and ice can cause quite a bit of havoc on your property, especially your roof.

The Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh team has diligently been serving the greater Pittsburgh area for the last 20 years and in all those years we’ve recognized that ice dams are a common problem for homeowners in the area.

What Is An Ice Dam?

Ice dams are an accumulation of ice on various parts of your roof, depending on the slopes. They tend to occur most often near the roof edges. When the layers of snow on your roof melts, this water collects and freezes again forming an ice dam.

Dangers of Ice Dams

Ice dams place tremendous pressure on the roof structure of your home. The moisture of these dams also significantly damages your shingles, gutters and downspouts. Melting ice may cause leakages in your home if there are gaps and holes in your roofing system. And for those who are not careful, you also risk being hit by falling icicles and large chunks of ice breaking off as it heats up.

Effective Ice Dam Removal By Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh

At Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh, we believe that the safest and most effective way to remove ice dams is with the power of steam. Fighting fire with fire as some would say. The ice dam steaming system that we use functions using high temperatures but low pressure. The high temperatures effectively and efficiently melts the ice on your roof, this water either evaporates or drains away from your home. The low pressure of the steaming system protects your shingles as high pressure systems tend to chip away at your roofing materials.

Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh’s Trusted Ice Dam Removal Contractor

Knowing who to trust when it comes to the safety of your roof and home can be a difficult task. We, at Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh, have dedicated the last 20 years to providing the greater Pittsburgh area with the most professional roofing services. We take our job seriously so that your home has a perfect roofing system. For roofing services that you can always rely on, give Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh a call today.


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